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The tough questions

If you take communication seriously it will lead you to confront the tough questions.

What’s the point?
Who are we doing it for?
What are their struggles?
No, really … what are their struggles?
Why would that excite them?
And many more … 

The people for whom communication means checking a box and filling out a template or two … they are easily satisfied with lazy answers to those questions.

But when you take communication seriously and try to come up with words that are truly yours, words that can only describe you, it will lead you to the core of what you do.

And that can often feel like we’ve shifted to a much deeper level of cooperation. More than once, it has led clients to reconsider their strategy, their marketing, even the way they run meetings … 

But it’s a side-effect.
I’m just helping you to find the right words.

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Shouting is easy

Shouting is easy, getting people to listen is not. Yet, it’s all about being heard and not at all about talking louder. Or talking more.

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