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The Tipping Point

There’s a tipping point in the journey of preparing a speech.

It’s that electric instant when heart, gut, and mind synchronize, and you’re swept up in a tide of confidence and pride because everything clicks into place.

It’s the best part of any session with my clients.

Imagine we’re pouring over your narrative, dissecting thoughts, and assessing arguments in an intense session. The walls begin to fill with thoughts. It still very much feels like chaos.

But at some point, things start to shift …

Slowly at first.

And then, rather suddenly, it happens. A wave of realization hits. You look at the wall and a genuine, irrepressible smile forms. You’re not just pleased—you’re thrilled! Your gut feels it, your heart swells with pride, and your intellect nods in staunch approval. Chaos has turned to order, confusion to clarity. The story now unfolds in your mind with crystal clarity.

If you closed your eyes at that moment you would maybe see yourself on the stage. The spotlight shines, not as a daunting glare but as a warm embrace. The audience fades into a blur, but their energy is palpable. As you deliver your story, each word is uttered with conviction. Each slide, each gesture, and each pause is deliberate, powerful. The world witnesses not just the speaker, but a storyteller in full command, an orator who has grown beyond their already impressive standards.

This is no fantasy. It’s attainable – a reality, in fact, that I get to witness regularly with my clients.

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