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The Tale of the Wind and the Sun

As a child, my mother would often read a bedtime story to me that went something like this:

“It’s a beautiful morning with a little breeze of fresh wind blowing. As the sun dawns, Susie grabs her red jacket, takes it on and goes for a refreshing morning walk.

When the sun and the wind see her, they get into a heated argument about who of the two would be quicker to make Susie take off her jacket.

The wind gets to make the first attempt. It builds up. Mighty clouds assemble. The wind blows stronger and stronger … until it grows into a full-blown storm.

But Susie only grabs her jacket ever tighter to protect herself from the wind and the storm. No matter how hard the wind tries, it can’t get Susie to take the jacket off.

The sun tries a different approach. As the clouds dissolve, it starts to shine bright and warm. Susie smiles. She enjoys how beautiful everything looks in the sunlight. Then, she takes her jacket off and starts hopping and turning around, her arms stretched wide.

What a beautiful day.”

Marketing is the same. It’s not how hard you try or how loud you shout, it’s how strong you resonate.

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