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The moment my career started

My career started after a heartbreaking moment.

I had just witnessed an idea die.

An idea that could have changed the world but didn’t because no-one cared to communicate it properly.

No-one cared for finding better words.
Words that would get people’s attention.
Explain it in plain and simple terms.
Relate to people’s problems.
And get to the point.

Without the right words people didn’t pay attention.

And so no-one cared for the idea itself.

It couldn’t make an impact.

It was forgotten.

Simply forgotten.

But forgotten ideas die.

We’ll never know whether that idea would really have changed the world. But we do know that the only ideas that get a chance to change the world are the ones that people pay attention to.

The chances will greatly increase if you care for the words you use to explain the idea.

Some 16 years ago I started to write my blog from this observation. Today, leaders from around the globe who care for the words they use access it daily to help their ideas make a bigger impact.

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