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The Art of Listening


I’m back from my summer sabbatical.

Let’s start by catching up with some news for my german speaking friends: There’s a new book out which I contributed an article to.

A few weeks ago, my colleague Armin Nagel published a highly insightful take on the art of waiting. It’s called “Schöner Warten” (which roughly translates to “How to make more out of waiting”) and it’s a collection of unexpected perspectives on waiting.

I mean, let’s face it: a huge part of our lives is spent waiting, isn’t it?

We’re waiting for someone to show up. Or for them to leave.

We’re waiting for the green light. Or for someone to stand up and say “stop”.

We’re waiting for a meal.

Or that it’s our turn at the doctor’s.

We’re waiting for the pain to cease. The show to start. The phone to ring.

We’re waiting for him, her, them, or it.

Each and every day.

Why not make the best out of that time, right?

I loved that thought and didn’t hesitate a second when Armin asked me to contribute some of my thoughts to the collection. The piece is called “The Art of Listening”, an art that – as it turns out – can only be truly mastered when we master the art of waiting. If you’re interested, here’s the full text (in german)

There are more than 30 texts like this in the book – each of them looking at waiting from the most unexpected places. If you feel like you could make more out of your waiting time, head over to the book’s website to learn more:

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