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How do you measure the success of your talk?

There were standing ovations?

There were no questions?
There were many questions?

Your boss liked it?
Your colleagues liked it?
Sam liked it?

You came through without a glitch?

You closed a deal?

A crowd gathered around you in the coffee break?

Someone praised you?
Someone got angry?

No-one pulled their smartphone out of their pocket?
Someone used their smartphone to take a photo of one of your slides?
Someone posted a photo of a slide on LinkedIn?

A year later, someone bumped into you recalling your core message?

You got an email from someone thanking you for how you changed their life?

What’s your measure for success?
How did your last talk measure up?

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One thought

If you can manage to plant ONE THOUGHT in my head, you’ve changed my life. You’ve also achieved way more than almost any other piece

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