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Reading their news

What are your customers reading?
How do they speak with each other?
What are they saying about your product?
Or about other products?
What words do they use to describe their problems?
What bothers them?
What excites them?

These are all questions that have become much easier to answer than before. Thanks to social media we can much more easily immerse ourselves in the world of our customers. Doing so is a great step to learning their language and understanding their problems.

Relevance starts with empathy. Empathy starts with open eyes.

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The next chapter

When leadership announces the script for the new year, you can often feel their excitement. The CEO bursts with pride and it’s fair to assume

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Cliffhangers s*ck. You wanna know so badly what happens next but the show just won’t tell you. You’ll have to come back for the next

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