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One thought

If you can manage to plant ONE THOUGHT in my head, you’ve changed my life.

You’ve also achieved way more than almost any other piece of communication.

Too often, communicators try to plant a dozen thoughts in their audience’s heads (if not more).

With the effect that none really sticks.

Because in trying to lead us on a dozen paths, they were effectively leading us nowhere. Some of us got confused, others gave up half way through, some lost track altogether.

“It’s complicated” is often what sticks from these pieces.

Going all in on one thought and leading your audience there safely, is often a better choice.

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Let me repeat this for you

When people don’t get what you mean, repeating what you said – using the exact same words – won’t make it easier to understand. (Here’s an alternative.)

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Missed opportunities

The introduction is probably the single biggest missed opportunity in many presentations. What’s the purpose of your first sentence? Some people would probably answer it’s

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Moments of silence

When we’re about to give a talk we’re mostly concerned about the words we’re going to say. We’re not so used to think about the

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