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AMP up your communication

What, who, how. If you can’t answer these questions properly for your communication, you’re leaving impact to chance.

The usual advice is to MAP these questions out:

  • Start by clarifying your Message (the what).
  • Then adapt it for your Audience (the who).
  • Then flesh out the Presentation (the how).

M-A-P, Message – Audience – Presentation.

Yet, while a MAP is a very useful thing, an AMP provides way more bang:

When you start by clarifying your audience, you start by asking all the right questions. Why did they show up? What are their exact struggles? How does life look like for them? What are they looking for?

After that, you can craft a Message that’s the perfect fit for this specific audience with their specific needs.

Then you know everything you need to know in order to flesh out a Presentation that delivers exactly the right message in the right way for this specific audience.

A-M-P, Audience-Message-Presentation

In order to amplify your impact, I suggest your crank up the AMP.

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