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If you struggle to cut to the core …

If you struggle to cut to the core, then try this simple approach. It works every time.

Step 1: Commit to something as the core message of your communication and write it down! Really: Write it down! Anything will do as long as you write it down.

Step 2: Listen to your gut!

Step 3: If it feels great you’re done. If not, examine why your gut wouldn’t agree. Then, refine what you’ve written and repeat from step 2.

For some, listening to their gut is the unusual building block. But keep in mind that confidence shows up when it ticks both boxes: it is right and it feels right.

For others, moving beyond the first take is the hard part. But keep in mind that most great ideas are not first ideas. You’ve got to get the crappy ideas out of the way to arrive at the brilliant ideas.

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