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“I kind of like to be doubted.”

Sounds like a healthy way of living when you’re Mark Zuckerberg who is probably among the most doubted people on Earth, don’t you think?

But how about you? Do you like to be doubted?

Wait a moment before you answer, let’s take a step back first.

What makes Zuckerberg say “yes”? I mean, really, he didn’t just say that he doesn’t mind to be doubted, he explicitly said that he likes to be doubted.

For him, every time someone doubts him, it’s an offer to find more clarity:

Is the doubt justified? Fix the problem or change course.
Is the doubt unjustified? Fix your communication.

A doubt is an invitation to think deeper and question whether the assumptions you’ve made are correct, whether the conclusions you’ve drawn are reasonable, and whether your communication is as clear as it can be.

So, do you like to be doubted?

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