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First you hate ’em, then you love ’em

The leaders who push you to your best results are often the leaders who you hate in the moment but admire in hindsight.

As a teenager, I hated my guitar teacher. The degree to which he forced me to get it right, to adjust my fingers ever so slightly, to repeat the line over and over until I nailed it, to slow down even more etc. all of that was super annoying in the moment. I hated it.

But it also made me a way better guitar player. It allowed me to play tunes that others couldn’t because I was used to figuring out how to get it right. It’s what allowed me to play the joyful things. The cool licks.

Even today, some 30 years later, decades after I’ve dismissed the thought of turning pro, I’m still benefitting from what that teacher taught me. I can basically pick up the guitar today and discover new things each and every time.

Who was a leader you hated back then but admire today?

How do you push your team to do better?

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