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Edgy and weird

Average blends in.
Edgy stands out.

For example, there’s this super weird fashion store that draws an ever growing crowd of loyal superfans.

It’s no wonder that imitators started to spread who tried to copy the edginess.

And failed.

Because they misunderstood the reason people fell in love with the original. Which was not the fact that they were edgy. It was the fact that they were specific.

The imitators copied the look but lacked the understanding of the specific needs of the customers. The edgy look was a consequence of being specific. The fact that it felt kind of weird was much more a coincidence than a choice.

Being specific almost inevitably leads you to become edgy.

Specific can be weird, but more often than not it isn’t. Weird is just one way of being edgy.

Can you be more specific about who you serve? And what they need?

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