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Digging deeper

Yeah, sure, inspire me!

But please don’t stop there.

At every corner of the internet, people want to inspire us to reach our true potential, our next level, you name it.

We find short talk formats that provide a glimpse into exciting topics. TED has spearheaded that movement with great videos that let us skim the surface.

We find stickers, images, and inspirational quotes on Instagram and other networks.

But you know what I actually prefer: to dig deeper. To understand things. To connect the dots. To commit.

Inspiration might be an initial flame that gets one started. But what good is it if we ever only get started. If all of us are inspired, but none of us actually travels to the finish line to understand the deeper meanings, complexities, and relationships of things? If we never reach anywhere meaningful?

The willingness to dig deeper and the ability to communicate what you’ve discovered is a skill that becomes more important as the addiction of surface skimming is multiplied by the social networks.

What’s a topic where you dig deep?

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