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Charismatic founders

There’s this certain breed of super charismatic founders. You could listen to them for hours and after the meeting you’ll leave with a feeling of excitement. Their enthusiasm was so mesmerizing and that thing they were telling you about really sounded cool.

So, you feel you just have to tell your friends about it. Which you do. Well, actually it’s more that you try to tell them. Because soon you discover that it’s actually pretty hard to explain. Somehow, you can’t quite put your finger on what the point really is. What sounded so cool when she said it, sounds rather confusing when you say it.

And so, your friends don’t quite get your excitement.

Which is not your fault. Because the one thing that the founder missed was to make it easy for others to pass the message along.

They won’t be in the room when the message gets passed along. And so the message itself must be crafted such that it captivates even when others share it.

How do you make it easy for others to pass your message along?

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The clarity river

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