When was the last time you asked?

“This is deep in our DNA!”

Except that it wasn’t as the two founders had to learn when they faced the facts. We had asked their employees in an anonymous online questionnaire why they work at the company. The results were no small surprise to the founders.

When you’re proud of what you’ve built – such as the company you founded – it’s easy to jump to conclusions about your employees or customers. It’s easy to assume that they think a certain way or that they love the same things you love.

You might be right or not.

One of the simplest ways to find out is to just ask them. Have a profound conversation with your best customers. Ask your employees why they chose to work for you. Ask someone from your audience what stuck from your last keynote.

The results might be eye opening.

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Status boosters

When you pass a new information along and when that information is in line with your reputation then the mere act of passing along can

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