What does it look like?

If you’ve ever played Monopoly, you know what it feels like to play the game.

Which is the point of this brilliant new campaign by KesselsKramer. They want us to be reminded of what it feels like to play Monopoly by showing us what playing the game looks like.

Yep, this is us. (Isn’t it?)

Most business communication is different. It stops at what but doesn’t show us what it looks like.

The business tells me about their latest innovation and why it works.

But is it for me?

Sure, they explain … and continue to tell me how elaborate their approach is.

But is it for me?

They let us figure this out ourselves.

As opposed to making us see what it looks like to struggle so that we can immediately identify as their customer.

Yep, this is us. This is exactly what we’re struggling with.

If you want to be seen by your customer, see them first. And tell them what you see … what does it look like?

When they recognize themselves, they will want to hear the details.

(PS: Speaking of board games, I enjoyed this video about “The Politics of Competitive Board Gaming Amongst Friends”)

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