Natural born talents

“This is so hard but the eloquence with which you’re using words tells me that you must be a natural born talent.”

Only that she wasn’t. In fact, she struggled with finding the right words all her life. Which is why she worked like mad on improving her skills. She looked for better ways to express herself. She read piles of books on the topic. She went to workshops. Hired a coach to help her refine the skill. Analysed articles, movies, books, ads. And she never settled with the first idea.

So, when she publishes something, it’s the result of hard work. Not only the days that it took her to write that specific piece. But also the result of a lifetime of learning.

And that’s true for most “natural born talents”. It’s easy to envy the skill but a lot harder to envy the will and the effort that went into the skill. It’s a lot more useful to call them “natural born improvers”.

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