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Living like you could die tomorrow

This short film about Ezra Caldwell has got me thinking on so many layers. I highly encourage you to watch it: The Bike Maker

Be sure to watch it until the end.

PS: I would love to hear what the biggest takeaway was for you. If you’re open to it, just hit reply to this message.

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Rewarding meetings

Meetings are madness. We all know better. But still, most of us don’t do better. Because we’ve accustomed ourselves to the way that meetings are

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8 million

Each year, more than 8 million children die due to poverty (source). That’s a huge number. But how large is it, really? The human mind

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The slickness of a great pitch

A great pitch doesn’t succeed because it’s slick. It succeeds because it’s clear. Slickness is a side-effect of clarity. With clarity comes slickness, not the

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