Making a dent in the Universe

“Others have tried this before and it hasn’t worked”, she said. And that’s why she was quite hesitant to start her journey.

I’m glad that she has found the courage to go for it. Because there’s actually one thing that was missing from any previous attempt: her.

It may sound cheesy but it’s true. For almost everyone who made a dent in the Universe: Others have tried it before. And yet, it was them who actually made the dent.

The Wright Brothers weren’t the first to try to fly. Rafael Nadal wasn’t the first to try to win the French Open 13 times. Gandhi wasn’t the first to step up for the Indian independence movement.

For all of them, it would have been perfectly reasonable to assume that their mission was doomed. Others had tried it before and it hadn’t worked. They still went for it.

So, here’s a word of encouragement if you feel like you’re trying to achieve something that others have tried before and failed. You know what was missing before? You have been missing!

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