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Inside out

Good speakers make us get them.
Great speakers get us.

It’s a fascinating experience when you listen to someone and it feels like they know you inside out.

When their story makes you feel seen and heard.

When their messages make you see options that you couldn’t see before.

When they’ve found words for what’s going on inside of you that you could never have found yourself.

Did you ever experience that in a talk?
Have you created it?
I’d love to hear your stories!

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Tesla’s marketing

The easiest way to get people talking about your product is to start with a product that’s worth talking about. That’s why, for example, the

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The better deal

I’ve seen many pitches end in frustration as a result of begging for a yes. Sometimes that works. But often it doesn’t. The thing is:

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Where great ideas go to die

Recently, in a marketing brainstorming session with a table full of snacks and charts. Chief Trend Officer (CTO): “Alright team, we’ve got the latest trend

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