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Can you draw it?

Because when you can draw it, it means you can see it.

And when you can see it, it means that it’s concrete.

What you think can be abstract, but what you see (or even draw) is concrete. Which is a huge bonus when you want me to see it, too.

When you think “We’re innovative”, it can mean very specific things to you. At the same time, it means nothing to me. Or at least something completely different than you think it does.

But when you show (or at least tell) me what innovative looks like, we can look at it together. And I can much more easily tell whether I see the same as you do … and whether I like what I see.

What does it look like when you “improve the process”?

What does it look like when you “increase production quality”?

What does it look like when “we perform better as a team”?

Can you draw it?

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