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Attention to detail

Attention to detail is not the same thing as perfectionism.
You can value the former and still beware of the latter.

Attention to detail means caring for the little things and getting them right. It’s about taking the time that’s required to make it just right, not perfectly right. When you pay attention to detail you’ll commit to shipping but refuse to rush a job.

Perfectionism means that you don’t care about time at all. You can’t because you will only ship when it’s perfect. It takes as long as it takes … which is probably forever. That’s why as a perfectionist, you can’t commit to shipping.

Ultimately, perfectionists don’t really care for the thing but for themselves. They want to spare themselves the embarrassment of shipping something that leaves space for criticism. They hate criticism.

Paying attention to detail shifts the focus away from yourself and onto the experience of your audience. Which can’t happen when you don’t ship.

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