Are you testing enough?

When we build a product it’s quite obvious that we need to test what we build. Will it do what it’s supposed to do? Will it be robust enough for the intended use? These are just two of many things we try to find out by testing different configurations.

But when it comes to communicating our product, we’re often not that eager to test. Oftentimes, people just default to writing and telling their story just the way they did last time.

Yet, there are lots of things to test. Will the copy communicate what it’s supposed to communicate? Will it be robust enough to be understood by different people? Will it help our customers talk about our product? Will it spark their imagination? These are just a few of things we can try to find out by testing different ways of communicating our product.

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Getting unstuck

If you could ask me one question about your communication, e.g. a question about something that’s holding you back. Or some aspect of lighting the

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Dr. Michael Gerharz

Dr. Michael Gerharz


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