Any given day

6am. I stand up. And then I have literally a million choices of what to do on that day.

I could read the news. Or a book. Scan social media. Go for a walk with my family. Start learning Japanese. Write a song on my guitar. Start learning to cook like a chef. Watch a movie. Go to the gym. Play with my kids. Meditate. And so much more …

Even when I stick to just work related activities, it’s still a million choices.

I could prepare a speech. Do some research for an article. Write a book. Interview an expert on neuroscience. Zoom with a colleague. Think. Publish a post on my Instagram channel. Write a lead generator. Record a podcast. Or an endless list of other things.

While it might be a radically different list for you, I bet it would not be any shorter. Each of us has quite literally millions of choices of what to do with any given day.

Of course, the big question is: out of all the things we could do, what’s the right thing to do? We can do anything. But what should we do?

Often, we find ourselves letting our mood decide. Or external factors. Like that push notification on your phone. Or that email that just popped up. The article that we just read about which leads us deep down into a rabbit hole.

But rather than letting the Universe decide, we can also make it a conscious decision: What is the thing that I should be doing today? A great first step is to become aware of the fact that it is a choice.

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