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Beyond the vision

A visionary leader steps in, armed with fresh ideas and an eagerness to disrupt. Bold plans are set: reinvent traditional practices, leverage modern tools, shift paradigms.

Then bold plans meet confidence and the leader doesn’t waste a single second putting it into practice. He confidently leads the way.

Only to discover that the team doesn’t follow.

The leader’s vision for the destination is evident. But that’s not enough when crucial questions remain unanswered: “Why are we heading there?”, “Why is this journey ours to undertake?”, and “How do we make choices along the way?”

These questions are not mere details. They form the bedrock of collective understanding and commitment.

That’s the difference between “leading the way” and “lighting the path”. While the former may define direction, the latter provides clarity on the journey’s purpose, the team’s unique role, and the principles that guide decision-making along the way.

True leadership fuses vision with shared purpose. It ensures not just movement, but meaningful progress.

When a team understands the destination, grasps the significance of their role, and is equipped with decision-making compasses, they’re not just following — they’re embarking on a shared odyssey.

PS: I’m assembling a list of leaders who master this. If you know one, no matter if they’re well known or not, please reply to tell me about them!

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