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Being prepared for the bad days

On the great days, you could just wing it. When you’re in the flow and the words just fly by, when you’re getting energy out of the moment and people are glued to your lips, that’s when you’re on the top of things.

The bad days can be very different. The flow just won’t arrive, the words just don’t come. Worse, your words are even kind of confusing, you’re picking the wrong metaphors and the blank stares on their faces don’t really help, either. It’s all a bit uncomfortable for everyone.

That’s why we don’t show up unprepared. It’s not for the great days (although preparation can make them even greater). It’s for the bad days.

That shift is what turns you into a pro. It allows you to perform at a high level even if you don’t feel like it (and even better on the days you do).

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The prerequisite

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