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And thus, you have my attention!

“This is me! This is exactly what I’m struggling with. This is exactly what I desire.”

And thus, you have my attention. I feel seen and heard. I feel like you get me. Which makes me curious to hear what you have to say.

Most marketing stops short of this … at “What’s in it for them?” It’s the obvious question to ask. People are likely to buy from you when they get more out of the deal than what they paid for.

And yet, it’s a question that remains stuck in the selfish interests of the marketer. I build something and then I want to make you buy it. So, I’m looking for reasons that could persuade you to buy. The underlying assumption is, though, that I’m doing this deal primarily in my own interest and that I’m just looking for ways to make you agree to it.

It’s a much different approach to first see and hear our customer. To get them. And then make them an offer that’s unmistakably for them. That solves a struggle that actually matters to them. One that’s primarily in their best interest.

It’s also easier. Once you adopt this perspective it becomes the obvious thing to do.

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