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Where, why there, why us?

Three pillars of super clear leadership communication:

  1. Where are we headed?
  2. Why are we going there?
  3. Why does each of us belong here?

Too often leaders stop early in that list. Some stop as early as no. 1 and think that it’s enough to set the goal: “We want to double our revenue over the next 3 years.” But when no-one understands why they are chasing that goal, it can lead to frustration or quiet quitting.

It’s crucial for the team to see the why.

Some stop there, though. They think that it’s enough to have a strong why. But if it’s not a team who’s after the goal but only a bunch of individuals (or worse: a bunch of egos), it can lead to struggles and disputes which will slow you down or, worse, force you to a halt.

It’s crucial for the members of the team to see why they belong.

PS: A great book on the power of that idea is Belonging by Owen Eastwood.

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