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What if?

“What if we were only allowed to use environmentally friendly supply?”

“What if we had to cut the price by half?”

“What if we had to double the price?”

“What if we had no ad budget?”

“What if our account would be suspended on Instagram (or whatever platform you’re most active on)?”

“What if we had to tell the truth in our marketing?”

“What if?” is a great question to identify possible leaps. At first, it feels like you’re constraining yourself. But if you play it seriously the constraint can become a powerful creativity booster that leads to unexpected paths that allows you to leap independent of the constraint.

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Is this idea crazy?

Recently, Jonathan Stark ran a great exercise to rethink how to start your talk: … imagine that you simply walk on, write a single word

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The clarity river

The word “clarity” invites a binary view on the matter: Either you have clarity or not. But that’s hardly how it works in real life.

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