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Trusting the Expedition

When you begin to craft a speech, it can feel remarkably akin to setting foot on unfamiliar terrain. You’re heading into the unknown, with no clear path and everything’s a mess. It’s scary, too, because you might get lost and, ultimately, flop.

Yet, much like an expedition into uncharted territories, the thrill lies in the discovery. Initially, it feels overwhelming. The myriad of thoughts, ideas, and narratives intertwine, creating a complex web of confusion. The danger isn’t just feeling lost; it’s the creeping doubt that perhaps you might never find your way.

But this is where I come in, armed with confidence in the process. While the exact moment of transformation is unpredictable, one thing I know: the breakthrough will happen. It always does.

And when it strikes, it’s nothing short of magical. It’s that sudden, exhilarating stroke of insight, where sensation and excitement collide and confusion turns into clarity, chaos into order. The narrative emerges, clearly and brilliantly.

My role is to be that beacon of certainty, guiding you through the journey until you reach that clarity.

As you’re drafting your speeches to wrap this year or thinking about the ones to kick the next year off, connect with me. Together, we’ll craft a speech that you’re proud of. It starts with a first step. Are you ready? Reach out!

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