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The slow buyer

Most businesses are obsessed with getting customers to buy faster.

While dismissing that the customer who buys slowly, after careful consideration, is more likely to turn into a raving fan later.

The magic ingredient that can’t easily be accelerated is trust. Trust can’t be built over night. Trust grows. Usually rather slowly.

But it’s the stuff long-lasting relationships are made of.

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Force tends to create counter-force.Push me and I’ll resist.Pull me and I’ll resist. But show me why it’s worthwhile to get there, and I’ll happily

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A Superpower

Almost nothing is important.And yet, the Universe is on a mission to make us believe it was. If you’re leading an organization, you’re bombarded with

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The perfect job reference

Job references are issued at the end of a work relationship, sometimes in between, in regular intervals. They are usually a judgement of how well

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