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The not so obvious aspect of how you show up

Eat. Drink. Sleep. Turn off your phone.

When you’re going into a high stakes meeting or when you’re about to enter the stage to give your opening keynote, these are the things that get little attention but can make or break the whole thing.

We obsess over the content of what we’re about to say. But when we’re not awake in the moment, the delivery might ruin it. When we’re not awake in the moment, we might not get the subtle signals on the other side of the table. Or when we’re just plain hungry, we might feel a bit dizzy and not really be on the top of things.

The part of being prepared that’s easily overlooked is our well-being. Taking care that we get a good night’s sleep. That we drink enough and eat enough (and in time). That we don’t put our brains in panic modes with urgently screaming mails. And that we don’t overstress our concentration with social media craze in the minutes running up to the meeting.

Feeling well matters. Although you’re not in full control you can consciously create the conditions that make it more likely that you show up physically and mentally fit.

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Relevance beats elegance

Elegance might get you attention.But relevance creates interest.Elegance without relevance is meaningless. By all means, make it elegant. But never at the expense of relevance.

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