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“Smoke on the Water” and duplicate content

If Deep Purple ended a concert without having played “Smoke on the Water”, the fans would almost certainly be very angry with them.

Most content creators treat their greatest hit rather differently. They shy away from posting duplicate content and try to constantly produce fresh content.

A question worth asking is whether that’s also what your audience wants.

While “Smoke of the Water” is surely not the only reason fans come to a Deep Purple show, I bet that it is among the top reasons most fans come to the show, even almost 50 years after its publication.

The fans want to hear “Smoke on the Water”. They are ok with new tracks. But one of the top reasons why many love Deep Purple is their greatest hit.

Similar observations are true for most bands (with, of course, some notable exceptions, such as Phish).

Now, what about your content? Are your fans only looking for fresh tunes? Or would they prefer to hear their favorite tune more often?

What’s your “Smoke on the Water”? Feel free to share it in the comments!

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