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Shadows, storms, and leadership

Leadership isn’t about guiding a team when the path is clear; it’s about lighting the path when things are shrouded in uncertainty. Anyone can stand at the helm in fair weather. It’s during storms when true leaders become visible.

These leaders often blend boldness with compassion.

Boldness is the courage to venture into the storm, to make tough calls, and to voice the truths that others might shy away from. Yet, without compassion, this bravery can become a blinding flash, disorienting more than guiding.

Compassion is the gentle glow that shows that you understand the fears and aspirations of those who follow, ensuring that no one feels alone or left behind in the dark. It means listening when the wind howls with dissent and caring when challenges roar.

While boldness might chart the course through the storm, it’s compassion that ensures the journey is one that everyone is willing and able to undertake.

In an age where leadership is still often equated with authority and power, remember that the most impactful leaders are those who light the path, not just lead the way.

As you navigate challenges, consider not only the direction you set but also the light you cast for others.

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