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Life’s busy

Life’s busy. I bet that yours is busy, too.

So are your audience’s lives. Problems keep popping up for them, quick fixes need to be put in place, opportunities want to be chased, risks managed, pitfalls avoided, … all of that not only in business but in their private lives, too.

Let’s face it: Most people are rather busy with managing their own lives. There’s just not much time left for them to care for what you’ve got to say … let alone cheer for you.

Which can be a source of major frustration when you’re expecting that from your communication. When you want your audience to care for you.

Things change, though, when you turn your expectations around and cheer for them. When you see their struggles and understand their desires. When you open them a door or prevent them from falling into a trap. When you make their lives a little bit easier.

See them first and they will, sooner or later, see you.

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If you care

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