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I’m not creative

That’s usually a different way of saying “My first idea wasn’t any good so I’m giving up.”

Let’s say you’re looking for a slogan (or a headline, a first line, a brand name, etc.) but the first, or even the third attempt, doesn’t really click.

What “non-creatives” easily overlook is that “creatives” have exactly the same experience. Their first idea is usually crap. As is their second. Or third.

Here’s a different approach: Write 100 versions of your slogan!

That’s right: 100!

For each one, change at least one word (but you’re free to change everything).

You’ll be amazed at how creative you are.

Sure, there’s still no guarantee that the perfect slogan is among the 100. But on the other hand, I can hardly believe that all 100 of them are crap. That there’s not even one version that at least goes into the right direction. Continue there.

Remember: It’s pronounced creativity. But it’s spelled e-f-f-o-r-t.

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