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Fascinating communicators

Surely, you know one or two of these fascinating communicators who just nail it. The kind of people who always seem to find the right words. Who have a gift of making us see things in a way that we can’t unsee them, anymore. Who make the difficult feel easy and the complex feel simple.

Steve Jobs had that gift that people called the reality distortion field. Martin Luther King had the gift of painting his people a future to live up to.

But also my uncle … he had the gift of reframing problems and making me see a tiny step forward. Or my school teacher who had the gift of making us appreciate the power of curiosity.

All of them lighted the path for me, all of them in their own unique ways.

Great communicators sometimes stand up to take the big stages and change the world at large. But not all of them do. In fact, most of them hide in unexpected places. Sometimes very close to us. They, too, change the world.

And we can just as much learn from them as we learn from the big names.

Who is someone around you? What can you learn from how they communicate?

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