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Calling all Visionaries

If you’re reading this it’s likely that you have an ambitious roadmap and the dream of changing the game.

Do you sometimes sense a gap, like your team’s just not as fired-up as you hoped? That your grand mission and their day-to-day might be living in two different worlds?

Here’s a gentle reminder: Your team is more than a set of skilled hands. They’re individuals, each with aspirations, ideas, and stories of their own. While your direction is essential, so too is their perspective. While your passion is the initial thrust, their excitement is the sustained momentum. Maybe it’s time to loosen the reins a bit, to see where collective imagination can take you.

You’ve got the end goal in sight, that’s clear. But how about letting them in, not just on the “what,” but also the “why” and the “how”? This isn’t about giving away power; it’s about fostering genuine collaboration. Think dialogue over directive, synergy over solos.

The next time you’re laying out strategies, perhaps invite them to the drawing board, to co-create. Because when everyone feels ownership over the dream? That’s when you’ll see some real magic. Cultivating commitment and passion starts with allowing everyone to contribute to the narrative.

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