What customers want

Are you giving your customers what they want or what they need?

Many of the people who care for making an impact and who have turned their passion into their job, maybe even built a company out of it, would say it’s the latter. Their customers might not see it at first but it’s definitely what the customers should be doing.

For example, a client might call a marketing agency because they want more customers but what they really need are better customers.

Now, any marketing agency that fails to address what the customer wants, will never be called by the client in the first place.

There are basically two things you can do about it:

  • Teach the market what it needs, in other words: that they want something different so that they might consider you.
  • Figure out what the customer actually wants and put it in their words.

For example, the client from above says they want new customers but what they actually want is more business. Address that and they might call you – which gives you the opportunity to sell them what they need.

So, what do your customers actually want? And how does that relate to (what you think) they need?

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