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Some people love “to do” lists while others hate them.

Some people love the feeling of checking the next item on the list while others feel intimidated by all the things that remain unchecked.

Some people love that the list collects anything that needs to be done in one place while others hate that that list never gets down to zero … it’s just never all done.

Fun activity: Drop the topic at a networking event and you’ll find people on either side willing to dive into heated discussions about who’s right and who’s wrong.

I prefer to look at it as a choice. If you find the lists useful and feel that they help you achieve the things you want to achieve. Great. If you find the lists harmful and feel that a different approach allows you to do the things you want to achieve in a less stressful way. Also great.

Just do it.

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Relevance beats elegance

Elegance might get you attention.But relevance creates interest.Elegance without relevance is meaningless. By all means, make it elegant. But never at the expense of relevance.

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“Buy now”

When you ask your customer to “buy now”, what are you actually asking for? Money? Commitment? The beginning of a relationship? A favor? Gratitude? Excitement?

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“I like that.”

One of the simplest ways to improve in a skill is to become more specific about the things we like. Let’s say you want to

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