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Today might be a good day to check out my podcast. After two years and more than 200 episodes it has a new name to better reflect what the show is about, which is this:

In two minutes, twice a week we explore how great communicators make change happen when they speak with irresistible clarity.

The show’s old name “Leaders light the path” wasn’t 100% clear about this. The title could just as well refer to many different kinds of leadership shows.

But although we tap into many different aspects of leadership, this is not just any show about leadership, it’s a show about how you can inspire action through the words you use.

How can you tell your story in a way that it becomes irresistibly clear? Using words you truly believe in about the things you deeply care about?

The podcast’s new name is “Irresistible Communication”. Why not join listeners from 70+ countries and give it a try?

Get weekly tips on how to find the right words

It’s free and you can cancel anytime.

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No one laughed.

Recently, I went to an OpenMic event where comedians get the chance to test their programs. One of the performances was heartbreaking. No one laughed.

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There are no dry topics

“Yeah, but my topic is boring.” To which I replied with a surprised stare. “Well, it’s just paragraphs and dry stuff.” I was baffled. What

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A new perspective

A fear that I often encounter among speakers is that their audience might “know this already”. And quite likely that’s true. Unless we have discovered

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