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Have you ever been tricked into buying something you didn’t even want?

Perhaps the salesperson just found the right words to trick you into the decision and in that moment it felt like you had no other choice?

That’s no wonder because skilled salespeople are great persuaders.

And sometimes that’s a good thing because it turned out that although we didn’t know it prior to the purchase, the thing we bought was exactly what we needed.

But just as often (if not more often) the opposite is true: We really didn’t need that thing. In fact, it was of inferior quality. Despite the huge discount we got it was a poor value for the money.

Which makes us more cautious the next time we encounter a salesperson. And so we enter the vicious circle: Skilled salespeople will try to persuade harder. Which makes us more cautious. Which makes them persuade harder. And so on … 

Great salespeople don’t persuade harder. They resonate stronger. They don’t bait us with discounts and other psycho tricks. Instead they listen carefully, they tell true stories, and they trust us with making the decision.

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