Public Q&A on September, 7th

I’m doing a rare public Q&A on September 7th. Whether you’re trying to grow your business or are starting a new venture, join me for a 60 min session where you can meet leaders who want to make a difference and discuss your communication strategy with me.

The session will start with a (short) rant on communicating with clarity from my side. But the majority of the time will be spent on your questions. Whether it’s your pitch, your launch campaign or your keynote, your website, story or any other part of your communication: If you’re looking to improve clarity, join us for a powerful session.

The session will be a closed zoom room, but it’s open to anyone who reserves a seat before the event starts on September 7th, 5pm CEST (that’s 11am ET). The session will be in English.

Just click on the link and you’re in, it’s free and it’s going to be fun: Reserve your seat!
(Or – if you’re reading this in your mail reader – just hit reply!)

PS: Please share this with any of your friends who would benefit from this.

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