Enough is not enough

There’s no shortage of great products. Take almost any industry and we have enough of what it sells.

We have no shortage of great yoghurt flavours, we have no shortage of cute plush toys, no shortage of coaches, an abundance of great books, fantastic music, pens, furniture, cars, and on and on and on …

There just is no shortage.

And yet, there’s this one idea that is still missing.


Because you’re going beyond making just another this or that.

You’ve looked closer. You understand our struggles. You get what we strive for.

That’s a difference. Rather than building a great thing and trying to make us get it. And buy it.

You get us. And build a very special thing that’s a perfect match for what we need.

And that’s why we want it. And buy it. It’s made for us.

What if you could speak with irresistible clarity?

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Dr. Michael Gerharz

Dr. Michael Gerharz


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