It feels so good standing up there

It feels so good standing up there

Or does it?

Because still, many presenters don’t enjoy the experience.

In the 12 years that I’m now coaching leaders to communicate with clarity, the one thing that consistently makes the biggest difference is to find a voice that feels true to yourself. There are a billion ways to speak with clarity, but you’ll find comfort in standing up there only when you speak about what you truly care about using words that you truly believe in. Once someone achieves this, magic happens and even the most unlikely person can turn into an amazing communicator with people sticking to their lips.

Here’s a recent statement:

“Before working with you, I thought that speaking was about winning. About wowing my audience and making them cheer for our solution. I thought that the only way to achieve this was to use certain techniques and methods that everyone seems to use and that our agency kept telling me. To be totally honest, I was never fully convinced of our story and always felt a bit uncomfortable on stage. But I trusted the pros and told myself that I simply don’t know enough about communicating on stage. But through working with you, I realised that this is not true. All I need to know is whether something feels right or not. And trying to win people with an artificial show does not. It is ineffective, manipulative and, yes, even unnecessary and today I understand why. If our solution is really that great then all I have to do is to make them see. Show them the beauty of our solution instead of decorating it with all sorts of gimmicks that I don’t even believe in myself. Now, I can speak right from my heart saying words I truly believe in. It resonates with my audience much better. And it makes sense. I’m deeply convinced that to go for our solution is the right thing to do for our customers. I just make them see so they can do what’s right. It feels so much more satisfying. In a way, people follow me instead of me having to push them.”

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