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In love with an idea

Did you ever act foolishly after you’ve fallen in love with someone?

Probably, your mind went a little over the top with all the things it suggested to impress the beloved one with. Or you struggled to find the right words, bombarding the beloved one with thousands of things you love because you thought that they might love it as well. So maybe, in trying to make a good impression you achieved, well, the exact opposite?

You’re not alone.

Also, this does not only happen when you fall in love with SOMEONE. It also happens when you fall in love with an IDEA.

We’re easily overwhelmed with all the things we love about that idea. We would want to tell the world everything about it – at once. And it’s not uncommon that in trying to impress others we’ve actually alienated – or at least confused – them.

Just as with building new relationships, it helps to listen more than you want to talk. It helps to figure out what the others love so that you can figure out whether it’s a good match. And it helps to take a deep breath so that the words that you do say come out in a way that makes at least a little more sense.

What if you could speak with irresistible clarity?

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