Caution: Dangerous communication

Quite early in our lives we learn that when we fall from a tree, it hurts. We accustom to it and learn to be careful with which tree to climb.

Later we learn that fire burns our skin when we get close and so we accustom to it and learn to be careful with fire.

Even later we learn that an agenda slide is followed by a boring presentation and burns our time and so we learn to be careful with granting our attention to some communicator.

We rather tune out to think of more important stuff (or, to be more precise, what we consider to be more important).

Seems about time to remove some of the dangerous parts from our communication. And while we’re at it, turn it from a waste of time into a bargain. More concretely: How can you turn the 60 mins that someone is granting you into their best spent time of the day? And how can you turn your intro into something that makes this obvious right from your first word?

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The Servant Speaker

The common way of presenting is the selfish way. It’s all about what the presenter wants. She wants the audience to buy her product, to

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Dr. Michael Gerharz

Dr. Michael Gerharz


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