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An unfair advantage

There’s this rare breed of communicators who just seem to nail it with every single word. They speak with such a level of clarity that their words feel almost irresistible.

Some call it an unfair advantage. Others call it a reality distortion field.

I don’t think it’s unfair at all. What makes it appear unfair is the fact that only a few are willing to put in the effort to truly find these words.

In my work with leaders across the globe, a few consistent patterns have emerged that the most skilled communicators have mastered more than others. Would you like to find out how well you do in each of these areas? Would you like to learn where you need to improve so you can master them, too?

Then this might be for you: I’ve assembled a deep dive self-assessment to help you understand what’s already working well in your communication and where there’s a potential for growth. That’s the actual unfair advantage: The will to keep improving.

Leaders who have already gone through this tell me that the process of reflecting on the questions alone provided them with quite some aha moments. Plus, the results and actionable tips will be presented right away, no email required.

Ready to dive in? It’s free.

PS: Here’s what others had to say about the assessment:
“The results are clear and compelling and they resonated with my self-assessment.” – Jackie Lopey
“The results are totally compelling. For me there’s clearly room for growth but also strengths to build upon.” – Ariana Friedlander
“I loved how seamlessly it worked and the valuable information and feedback it provided. The assessment was accurate in its description of how I think, communicate and what I need to change.” – Pam Benham

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