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The true core of your message

As the pandemic brought a lot of businesses to a screeching halt, many of them took this as an opportunity to rethink the path they were on.

Is this still who we are and where we want to go? What really matters to us going forward? How does that align with what matters to our customers? Of all the things we love to do, what’s the biggest positive impact that we can make?

In short, these businesses went looking for their true core.

Jonny Prest from Brand Master Flash and I had an interesting discussion about what that means for businesses, most importantly, what helps businesses to uncover the true core of their message.

I highly encourage you to check out Jonny’s podcast on brand stratgey. If you like our discussion on finding the true core of your message, I’ve assembled an exclusive offer for listeners of the podcast to dig deeper. Head over to Jonny’s page to learn more about it.

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